People Watching

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People Watching.

Never said a word to him,

but I learned as I observed.

Some noticed he was too slim.

Tall boots clanked as he sauntered.

He worked the room lady-like,

However, he wanted to be she.

Whispers, stares, would not break might,

Then she locked eyes on me.

Her name was Georgia, we talked.

A simple cup of coffee, black,

Our sigh of relief, not shock.

Others drank in the exchange, taken-aback.

She left and I dared them,

To say a word or question.

Things changed forever right then,

Blew their minds with life’s lesson.

It All Ends

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It All Ends

Months of chores and pleading

First time fishing all alone


Slice some mackerel to use

I hear panicked urgent buzzing


Angry insect bites me, and again

Tears began to flow as I run


To find someone to help

Hand is swelling, out of breath


Topple over amidst the sirens

And lights, transport to Emergency


Hard bed, lots of tubes and

Beeping, doctors, confusion


Needle enters, things slow down

Age fourteen, “allergic” reaction


No more trips alone and

You win Mr. Yellow Jacket.

With Love

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I grabbed a copy of East of Los Angeles by John Brantingham and I got inspired to get back to writing poetry.  Figured I would do what I used to do the most, which is romantic poems.  Hope you guys like this….


With Love

The time spent away,

and alone from you

are times that seemingly last forever,

but in days number few.

Today, the day I will always cherish,

I want to wish my beautiful lady

the happiest day.

At time things have been trying,

and I am to blame,

because I don’t always do things the same.

In my heart,

there is nothing but love.

‘Cause I was blessed with the sweetest babe,

from someone above.

Searching for the words,

or the expression,

I’ve been struck.

With the fact

that my love for you grows.

Everyday, even when we are apart,

my heart grows warmer

thinking of you.

Time stands still

until we come together as one.

That’s when I’m me,

and at my best.

C. L. Swinney