Daily Rant #4

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Yes, this one really irks me.  So you are in your car and a pedestrian is coming up to the crosswalk in front of you.  You slow and stop and give them plenty of room to walk across the street.  Then, for some unknown reason, they give you the stink eye and walk as slow as possible to the other side!!!!  WTH?!?!?!?  What is really going on there??   Today was the day that this behavior forced me to act.

I jumped out of my car after placing my hazard lights on and politely asked, “Excuse me Sir, would you like assistance crossing the street?”

With a puzzled look the 20-something year old man replied, “Ummm, no.”  Then he turned a little red in the face and picked up his pace across the street.

“Ok, have a great day,” I said as I got back in my car and safely drove away.

What are your experiences with this??


C.L. Swinney