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Sweet Nothing

Carmel drips from her

perfect lips, but her sour

words kill the flavor.

C. L. Swinney (c) 2015

Cancer Support From Bad-Ass Tattoo Artist!

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Roman Abrego  Photo: Last 2 hours to get  the Fourth of July five dollar weekend special #buymyshirtwinmycar for @fxckcancer for more info go to www.artisticelementtattoo.com for tickets</p>
<p> WINNER will be selected at the Art-N-Ink Tattoo Convention located at the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 10th, 2014.</p>
<p>1st Place – 1969 Dodge Charger (GRAND PRIZE)<br />
2nd Place - $2000 Tattoo by Roman<br />
3rd Place - $1000 Tattoo by Roman </p>
<p>Be sure to check out the three different ways to win! You can purchase tickets online by visiting www.artisticelementtattoo.com #FxCKCANCER #FUCKCANCER #RomanTattoos @sullenclothing

Guys, check out this amazing deal!!!!!


Tattoo artist, Roman Abrego @romantattoos, is giving up his beloved Charger to raise money and awareness for cancer research. Give his twitter and promotion some love!


You can get kick ass t-shirts, book a tattoo, and be entered in the drawing for his Charger here http://artisticelementtattoo.com/home


His twitter is here https://twitter.com/romantattoos


His FB is here https://www.facebook.com/romantattoos?fref=ts



C. L. Swinney 🙂

People Watching

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People Watching.

Never said a word to him,

but I learned as I observed.

Some noticed he was too slim.

Tall boots clanked as he sauntered.

He worked the room lady-like,

However, he wanted to be she.

Whispers, stares, would not break might,

Then she locked eyes on me.

Her name was Georgia, we talked.

A simple cup of coffee, black,

Our sigh of relief, not shock.

Others drank in the exchange, taken-aback.

She left and I dared them,

To say a word or question.

Things changed forever right then,

Blew their minds with life’s lesson.