Best selling novel goes Audio!

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Well, my best selling novel just came out in audio. It’s truly amazing to hear your novel come alive through narration. I am speechless. I added 6000 words and had an award winning narrator for the project! It’s way cool. 50 five star reviews already.

Please check it out!!

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Second Edition

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The SECOND EDITION for Gray Ghost and the e-versions will be out end of this week!

Grab a Copy of the first edition πŸ™‚

Thanks so much everyone for the support. I appreciate it.

My look when I heard about second edition!!




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July 8th, be ready!!! Gray Ghost will be out!

It All Ends

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It All Ends

Months of chores and pleading

First time fishing all alone


Slice some mackerel to use

I hear panicked urgent buzzing


Angry insect bites me, and again

Tears began to flow as I run


To find someone to help

Hand is swelling, out of breath


Topple over amidst the sirens

And lights, transport to Emergency


Hard bed, lots of tubes and

Beeping, doctors, confusion


Needle enters, things slow down

Age fourteen, β€œallergic” reaction


No more trips alone and

You win Mr. Yellow Jacket.