Cancer Support From Bad-Ass Tattoo Artist!

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Roman Abrego  Photo: Last 2 hours to get  the Fourth of July five dollar weekend special #buymyshirtwinmycar for @fxckcancer for more info go to for tickets</p>
<p> WINNER will be selected at the Art-N-Ink Tattoo Convention located at the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 10th, 2014.</p>
<p>1st Place – 1969 Dodge Charger (GRAND PRIZE)<br />
2nd Place - $2000 Tattoo by Roman<br />
3rd Place - $1000 Tattoo by Roman </p>
<p>Be sure to check out the three different ways to win! You can purchase tickets online by visiting #FxCKCANCER #FUCKCANCER #RomanTattoos @sullenclothing

Guys, check out this amazing deal!!!!!


Tattoo artist, Roman Abrego @romantattoos, is giving up his beloved Charger to raise money and awareness for cancer research. Give his twitter and promotion some love!


You can get kick ass t-shirts, book a tattoo, and be entered in the drawing for his Charger here


His twitter is here


His FB is here



C. L. Swinney 🙂

Compassionate Cops??

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Just a terrific example of when law enforcement gets it right. I know not everything is perfect in my profession, but I enjoy talking about these stories.


NJ cops help teen with muscular dystrophy fulfill cop dreams

The move came as a surprise for the teen, who was told only to expect a welcome home party

By PoliceOne Staff

WANAQUE, N.J. — A 19-year-old battling with muscular dystrophy achieved his dream of becoming a police officer Wednesday with the help of the Wanaque Police Department. reports Aaron Risher was sworn in after a month-long stay at a New York City children’s hospital.

The move came as a surprise for Risher, who was told only to expect a welcome home party.

Wanaque Police Captain Kenneth Fackina was told about Risher by his medical staff, and he’s made regular visits to the teen for months prior to Wednesday’s event, ABC 7 reported.

Wanaque police provided him with a badge, uniform, business cards, and a name plate, according to the report