6 Clothing

What’s this project about?

The political climate surrounding law enforcement took a beating the last eight years. People who ordinarily were neutral or marginally supportive of law enforcement were persuaded to stop supporting police by an overly left and liberal media onslaught that continues today. Campaigns hinged on smearing the fine and proud reputation of law enforcement. With police officers being arrested and later acquitted for doing their jobs or shot and killed waiting at a stop light, the morale of our sisters and brothers in blue has sunk to historic lows. Police officers are hesitating -worried about how the situation might be played out in the news- instead of identifying a threat and handling the threat decisively.

Four officers I worked with and knew well were murdered last year(2016), another three were attacked and by the grace of God survived the attacks. One of my fellow brothers in blue took his own life leaving behind his wife and children because the pressure and stress of the job became too much.

I’m tired of all the negativity, the fake news, and the misinformation spread throughout our Country. I’m tired of watching my friends taking their own lives or getting murdered or attacked. There comes a time in every person’s life when they take a stand. My time is now.

I’ve launched a clothing line (shirts, hats, and decals) featuring designs with powerful meanings. Some of the images may upset some people. People wearing a badge or who have worn a badge will understand the meaning behind the concepts. I’m hopeful civilians and the good men and women in all of our communities will get behind this project. We risk our lives for you and all that we ask in return is support. We signed up for this profession, but not to be hunted and murdered for nothing more than wearing a uniform, badge, and gun.

I’m the first to admit that cops who make mistakes should be held accountable. The stories of people doing the right thing for police, deputy sheriffs, correctional officers, federal and state agents, probation and parole officers, and all the others who try to protect people and keep America great keeps us coming back to work even in the most desperate of times. Without the support of our communities, law enforcement cannot be successful. 6 Clothing acknowledges this truth and we pledge to be more involved in our communities and better listeners. But, this is a two way street, not a one-way street. If you’re not willing to meet at the table and discuss topics like an adult, we don’t want to hear from you.

What’s the mission of 6 Clothing?

The mission for 6 Clothing is to develop products and items that we can sell in order to raise funds to donate to families of fallen heroes. The majority of proceeds will be donated to these folks. I’d like to team up with a few of the law enforcement friendly groups and companies on Facebook and other social media sites to help grow this project.


Chris, *Sheriff’s Sergeant, San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office.




These are our decals. they each contain the “thin blue line,” and an image or words that law enforcement members understand. People who support law enforcement might not understand their meaning, so I’ll break them down here.

6-Always remember to watch your six (your back). Watch your partner’s six. Watch your family’s six. This decal/image should remind you never to become complacent. The embedded thin blue line stretches across the globe. Decal is 2.75″X 6″

Broom/ Not Today“-Meaning today is not the day we lose. We should never lose. We cannot lose. When a crook tries to take us on or out, simply respond with, “Not Today” and make it home to your loved ones. Decal is 3″ X 7″

The broom represents how we are tasked with cleaning the streets, or sweeping them of crime and criminals. We use the term “street sweepers” to describe ourselves sometimes.

The thin blue line embedded in the broom bristles should remind you that we are all brothers and sisters and the bond within law enforcement stretches across the globe.

VI“-Roman Numeral Six. Many of us look at our role in law enforcement as Gladiators battling against an insurmountable force. Whether it be criminals, the judicial system, previous Presidents, the media, terrorists, or anyone else who continues to attack us, we are constantly in a battle. This image should fill you with pride and the strong sense of togetherness and pride.

The thin blue line embedded in the VI is the constant reminder that those of us wearing a badge and protecting the masses are in this together.

The Roman Numeral for the number 6 is to remind you to watch your back, your partner’s back, your family’s back, and all of those who still support us.