Things to do for Earth on Earth Day

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Makes sense.

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Today is Earth Day and if you’re a procrastinator like me and woke up in a panic this morning trying to decide what to get for the planet that literally has everything, relax. Here’s ten things you can do without breaking a sweat or your piggy bank.

  1. Gather a large bucket of ice cubes, take it out to your front porch and fling them at the landscaping guys who are using leaf blowers at the house next door. The earth will surely appreciate your gesture, however fruitless, and the ice melts quickly so there won’t be any evidence if somebody calls the cops.
  2. Place your car in neutral and have your kids push you all the way to the local library so they will have an understanding of what the world could be like if we run out of fossil fuels. In addition to raising awareness about our Mother Earth…

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